Green Kernel Pistachios

Discover our green kernel pistachios. Our products are carefully selected and graded in 7 types of Green Kernel pistachios.

Iranian Green Kernel pistachios

Iranian green kernel pistachios are obtained through the harvest of unripe pistachios, when the kernel is not yet yellowed. The green seeds are then sun-dried and shelled. The seeds are then dipped in boiling water and the outer layers removed. The kernels can then be sorted according to their greenness, with a premium to be paid for the most intensely green hues.

There are a number of green hues considered by commercial buyers of green kernel pistachios. These are called Grade “S”, Grade “A”, Grade “B”, Grade “C”, Grade “D”, Split Green, and Split Light Green, in descending order of intensity, respectively.

This green kernel pistachio is used for confectionery purposes due to its rich color and flavor profile. It has a higher value than the usual pistachio nut due to the costly process of harvesting and producing them. The price scales with the intensity of greenness. Iranian green kernel pistachios are widely regarded as a luxurious food item and are used in a diverse assortment of dishes, including pastries, chocolate, ice cream, sausages, and more.

Green Kernel BV is an expert in the field of green kernel pistachios. With decades of experience, huge stocks and premium quality products, we supply and advise various parties.

Green Kernel grades

Green Kernel is an expert in unripe green pistachio kernels. We adhere to the internationally applicable classification of pistachios. The moment at which the note is removed from the tree and the intensity of the process determines in which class a note belongs. The most immature nuts are the darkest green. The darker the pistachio nut, the more luxurious and exclusive. The greenest pistachios are not so expensive for nothing. The (internationally used) categories that we use are, in order from most to least intense:

Grade S
Grade A
Grade B
Grade C
Grade D
Grade F
Grade H

The green pistachio nut: the same nut, special product

One of Green Kernel’s specialties is the green pistachio nut. It is the same nut as the common pistachio nut and comes from the same tree, but its treatment makes it a unique product that is one of a kind.

Pistachios come from the Pistacia vera, a tree that has its natural origin in Asia. Since the Persians were among the first to cultivate the pistachio trees, the nut is a core element of Iranian culture. Today they are grown in many places in the world, but the original pistachio nut comes from Iran. It’s not for nothing that we are proud that we import these authentic Iranian pistachios!


Intensive preparation

One of the ways to grow the pistachio nut is to let it ripen completely and then eat the fruit. In that case we are talking about the regular pistachio nut. The green pistachio nut is picked from the tree much earlier. If the pistachio kernel has not yet turned yellow, the green nut is already removed from the tree. The unripe green pistachio nut is dried in the sun and then peeled. The outer parts of the fruit are extracted in water. What remains is the green pistachio nut, an exclusive product.

The intensive and expensive preparation process leads to a nut that is unique in its kind. What makes these pistachios so special is their intense green color and their own special taste. Green unripe pistachios are therefore a unique product.


Exclusive, but versatile in use

Green pistachio grains are a unique product, but can be widely used. Since the nut became known and traded worldwide in the 1970s, some pistachio products have become widely distributed. Unripe green seeds can therefore be found in many products. Just think of:
• Pistachio ice cream
• Pistachio slices in cookies
• Pistachios in chocolate
• Pistachio seeds in hot meals, for example in baklava, in soup, or with chicken or salmon

As the wider public has gained experience with the rich taste of all these pistachio products, the consumption of unripe green pistachio kernels will only increase.


The benefits of pistachios

Green pistachios have a number of notable advantages over other nuts in addition to their full flavor.
• They have a high nutritional value. Green pistachio kernels are high in protein, fiber, vitamins (B1, B2, B6, B11, C and E) and minerals (including potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron and magnesium)
• Nevertheless, the nuts still have a low caloric content. Losing weight with pistachios is therefore possible
• Green pistachios are healthy. In addition to the nutrients already mentioned, the nuts mainly contain unsaturated fats

Enough reason to use these delicious Iranian green pistachios in your products!