Green Kernel Pistachios

Discover our green kernel pistachios. Our products are carefully selected and graded in 7 types of Green Kernel pistachios.

Iranian Green Kernel pistachios

Iranian green kernel pistachios are obtained through the harvest of unripe pistachios, when the kernel is not yet yellowed. The green seeds are then sun-dried and shelled. The seeds are then dipped in boiling water and the outer layers removed. The kernels can then be sorted according to their greenness, with a premium to be paid for the most intensely green hues.

There are a number of green hues considered by commercial buyers of green kernel pistachios. These are called Grade “S”, Grade “A”, Grade “B”, Grade “C”, Grade “D”, Split Green, and Split Light Green, in descending order of intensity, respectively.

This green kernel pistachio is used for confectionery purposes due to its rich color and flavor profile. It has a higher value than the usual pistachio nut due to the costly process of harvesting and producing them. The price scales with the intensity of greenness. Iranian green kernel pistachios are widely regarded as a luxurious food item and are used in a diverse assortment of dishes, including pastries, chocolate, ice cream, sausages, and more.

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Green Kernel grades

Grade S
Grade A
Grade B
Grade C
Grade D
Grade F
Grade H