Healthy Green Kernel


Discover the highest quality Green Kernel pistachios. Our green kernel pistachios have the highest standard. We are specialized in 7 grades of Green Kernel Pistachios. 

Green pistachios

Unlike the ripened pistachio nut, the green pistachio kernel has not yet gone through the entire ripening process. This gives this nut an intense green color and a unique flavor profile. The intensive processing process that produces these green pistachio seeds requires growers who grow these nuts with care, attention and understanding. With our green pistachio growers we can provide you with the best green pistachios!

Green Kernel Grade A

The best Green Kernel Grade A pistachios in the market. Discover our high standards!

Available from MOQ of 100 KG

Green Kernel Grade S

The most exclusive grade of all Green Kernels: Grade S(uperior). Availability of all grades in bulk of 12,5 kg or various packaging like:

300g | 1kg

Green Kernel: your partner in green pistachios

Green Kernel imports Iranian pistachios and green pistachios and is the specialist for these products. We are experienced suppliers of high quality pistachios.

We are a reliable importer of green pistachios and supply authentic Iranian pistachios. Because you only want good pistachios in your assortment. Because you want to give your product a full pistachio flavour. Because you know that only the best is good enough. At Green Kernel you have come to the right place. We are an expert in high-quality pistachios and we build on years of experience, have contact with growers who are passionate about their product and have sufficient stock. This way we can quickly provide you with green pistachios.

Perfect combo

Perfect pairings:

  • Dried meat
  • Chocolate
  • Citrus
  • Rose water
  • Dried fruits
  • Spices


“Pistachios are delicious and pretty”. High end dried meats are often flavoured with green kernel pistachios, which creates the taste of perfection.

– Beautiful examples are Mortadella or other Italian salamis.

Healthy can be Delicious

Green kernels are used in the most beautiful products. For crunch; use whole or coarsely chopped green kernels, or the green kernel paste for many confectionery.

Simple Ingredients. Simple Recipes; the market leader in Green Kernel Pistachios.

Enrich your life today with Green Kernels