Healthy Green Kernel


Discover the highest quality Green Kernel pistachios. Our green kernel pistachios have the highest standard. We are specialized in 7 grades of Green Kernel Pistachios. 

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Green Kernel Grade A

The best Green Kernel Grade A pistachios in the market. Discover our high standards!

Available from MOQ of 100 KG

Green Kernel Grade S

The most exclusive grade of all Green Kernels: Grade S(uperior). Availability of all grades in bulk of 12,5 kg or various packaging like:

300g | 1kg

Perfect combo

Perfect pairings:

  • Dried meat
  • Chocolate
  • Citrus
  • Rose water
  • Dried fruits
  • Spices


“Pistachios are delicious and pretty”. High end dried meats are often flavoured with green kernel pistachios, which creates the taste of perfection.

– Beautiful examples are Mortadella or other Italian salamis.

Healthy can be Delicious

Green kernels are used in the most beautiful products. For crunch; use whole or coarsely chopped green kernels, or the green kernel paste for many confectionery.

Simple Ingredients. Simple Recipes; the market leader in Green Kernel Pistachios.

Enrich your life today with Green Kernels